Teeth Sealants

You give it your all, but the fact is that some teeth are just more easily cleaned than others. Teeth in the front of your mouth are relatively simple to reach with your toothbrush and floss, while teeth farther back tend to get missed. Hey, we get it—there’s just not much room back there! But because they’re difficult to reach, back teeth often accumulate plaque (acids) in the pits and grooves on their surfaces. Sealants are a great way to protect teeth from decay.

A dental sealant is a clear or white resin material that bonds to the tooth and covers or “seals” the pits and groove of the teeth, making plaque removal much easier. Sealants aren’t just for kids, either. While sealants are most often recommended for permanent teeth, they can be placed on primary or “baby” teeth if necessary.

Sealants generally last from 3 to 5 years, and while it’s not uncommon to see adults with intact sealants placed many years ago, a sealant can only protect a tooth when it is fully intact. That’s why it is important to have regular checkups to make sure they are still doing their job.

Idaho Falls Dental Sealants May Be a Great Option for Your Children or Young Teens


You’re busy working and handling the demands of daily life. You can’t always be there to monitor your children’s diet, or their brushing habits. If your kids are drinking too much soda or consuming a lot of other foods that can easily lead to cavities, and you suspect their brushing habits just aren’t cutting it, consider the application of dental sealants. These are a great long-term investment, as they are a great way of preventing cavities

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