Idaho Falls Laser Dentistry

Though it sounds like something from a bad spy movie, laser dentistry is, in fact, real. Lasers have been used for medical applications for years; lasers in dentistry is the next logical step.

Dr. Mudrow uses 2 different lasers in his practice:

Idaho Falls laser dentistryWaterlase (trademarked) is gentle and safe, and is an excellent alternative to the dental “drill”, or handpiece. This laser is primarily used for working on hard tissue—preparing teeth for fillings, for example. It works by using different wavelengths of light to excite water molecules naturally existing in your teeth to cut through the tooth. The laser sprays a continues stream of water, which keeps the tooth and surrounding tissues hydrated and prevents heat.

Most problems with pain using the dental “drill” are caused by heat, pressure, and vibrations. Our Idaho Falls laser dentistry makes this less of a problem. The Waterlase doesn’t generate heat, pressure, or vibration, so many procedures can be done without anesthesia. No needles!

The Waterlase can also be used for soft tissue procedures as well, such as tissue contouring or frenectomy. Many people experience less post-operative pain and swelling, making recovery faster.

Although the Waterlase cannot be used in every situation, it does offer an appealing alternative for many dental procedures. Ask Dr. Mudrow if your dental treatment can be completed with the Waterlase!

Idaho Falls laser dentistryThe EPIC Diode Laser is a more compact, lower intensity laser that has a wide variety of uses, including treatment of pockets associated with periodontal disease, treatment of aphthous ulcers and cold sores, even in-office whitening! If you “fear the drill”, we guarantee our Idaho Falls laser dentistry will help.

See what some of our patients have to say about Laser Dentistry:

Love It!
~ J. Smith

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Benefits of Idaho Falls Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can be applied to both hard and soft tissues. The hard tissues being the teeth themselves and the soft tissues being the gums. Some Idaho Falls dentists can use laser dentistry for both, although there are different lasers that are used on each respective dental structure.

Hard tissue lasers are powerful enough to penetrate the structure of the tooth, without causing any unnecessary pain or damage to surrounding tissues. These laser dental applications use wavelengths that can be absorbed by the various chemicals and compounds found in the teeth – specifically water and salt.

Hard tissue Idaho Falls laser dentistry is a fantastic option for removing tooth structure, preparing the teeth for dental work, and repairing dental fillings that have worn down over time.

Some of the many benefits that laser dentistry offers include:

  • There is less damage to tissues surrounding the area being worked on.
  • There is faster healing after the procedure.
  • It is far less painful, to the point that many patients don’t even require anesthesia.
  • There is less bleeding due to the blood-clotting effect produced by the laser.
  • There is a decreased need for sutures.
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