Mouth Meets Body

Holistic Approach To Dentistry

Do you know that there is a synergistic correlation between the health of your mouth and the health of your body? When you understand this connection, you are empowered to improve your overall health! As an example to the whole-body health approach, we look beyond the mere elimination of disease to the restoration of the natural form and function of your teeth. The results can be dramatic: putting a stop to worn and broken teeth, relief from head and neck pain, increased energy, assist with better digestion, improved well-being and of course the beautiful smile you have been dreaming about.

Our approach will help you achieve the dental health you have always wanted, or help you maintain optimal health for life. No matter the condition you start in, we support health and healing by assessing areas of infection or decay, periodontal condition, risk factors, heredity, breakdown and/or possible toxicity of existing dental materials, functional abnormalities (Digestion, TMJ and Sleep Apnea), and then, in partnership with you, find a plan to assist in the improvement of your overall health by focusing on the utilization of biocompatible, mercury-free dental materials, support of nutritional supplementation and essential oils, a personalized homecare and maintenance plan.

We would like to help you choose to have health, not leave it all to chance. Together we can develop a personal and comprehensive care plan geared toward your goals and your personal health needs.

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